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Starfish Foundation
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Starfish Foundation is one of only a few organisations in the world who specialise in rural, regional and remote places and people for sustainability. Starfish's other uniqueness is, to paraphrase Buckminster Fuller, in proactively creating new ways and models of sustainability more than it is to 'fight against the old'.

This area of focus is of far wider importance given that the overwhelming majority of 'food, fibre and fuel' are produced there, and that the over whelming majority of nature exists there. This is in contrast to the broader context where the majority of humanity now live, work and play in metropolitan areas.

Starfish Foundation’s particular purpose is to raise and provide funds for this mission ~ be that for work by Starfish Initiatives, Starfish Associates, our many partners and collaborators, as well as by other organisations. Our vision is to develop a substantial capital preserved portfolio of assets which can provide a secure, long—term income stream for this important work.

Starfish are one of the few creatures on earth which are able to regenerate and replicate. Starfish are able to self—heal and regrow lost parts like a broken off limb. Amazingly, an entire new starfish can also grow from that lost limb. In this way starfish symbolise some of the key features of rural sustainability.

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