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eGive Services - Details :

eGive provides the following services (note this is not an inclusive list but gives the main services used most frequently by client organizations)
Note that you may view and trial any of our services using the demonstration interface. To do this go to and login at the organizational login using login: demo and password: demo

Donations (including credit card and direct debits).
Using this service you may receive donations via credit card or direct debit. These can be single donations or recurrent donations. A quick donation facility is provided automatically with any service to which you subscribe.
Donations maybe entered by:
    • The recipient organisation via its administration interface – for example if the organisation receives a donation authorization via mail this may be entered online.
    • By the donor, her or himself. Each donor is provided with their own client interface (the donor registers when first making a payment) through which they can manage any donation and see a history of their payments.
      Donors automatically receive a donation receipt online. Organisations can choose if they wish to switch off the donation receipting system and send receipts manually or can send customized receipts using the template provided.
Records of all donations are stored by the client CRM which is a password protected interface showing the transactions received by that organization.
Project Management
Using thisinterface via which you can set up multiple projects to which you wish to receive donations or payments. Payments to each of these are recorded separately in your administration interface. Each project set up is also shown separately on either the Environment Projects Australia web site or the Social Projects Online  web site, which are specialized sites listing community projects which the public wishes to support. This feature is provided automatically with any service to which you subscribe.

This interface allows organizations to set up its membership service. Organisations may list any number of organization categories and the public can join online. The system allows organizations to receive payments annually, quarterly or monthly. Alternatively organizations may enter membership details directly via their own interface (for example if a member sends in a form via mail or fax).
There is an automated reminder facility allowing reminders to be send to members on an annual basis. There is also a customized receipting system for membership payments.

This service allows organizations to sell both products and services including electronic goods such as images, e-newsletters etc). This is a full featured e-commerce service allowing you to upload multiple items for sale and to customize tax rates, mailing costs and to manage you shop online.
The service provides an online receipting system (with customized messages).
For electronic goods (e.g. newsletters, images, reports etc) you can sell these online and the customer can download them after payment.

Conference Management
This service allows you to run actual conferences and manage them online providing information about the conference and allowing attendees at the conference to register and pay online.
There is an auto receipting system (which can be customized with different messages) and an online reporting system which allows organizations to view registrations for their conference.
You may run as many conferences as you want simultaneously and each conference interface records transactions separately.

This service allows organizations to communicate with their clients via newsletter and email. In the future we will be adding an SMS service allowing you to send SMS messages (such as campaign alerts) to all members in your database.
Newsletters are set up via the custom interface which can include text and graphics and can be mailed to all or part of your mailing list allowing appeals and campaign information to be sent to only those clients interested in these areas. It can also be used to send information on products for sale etc.

Currently we have two services which can be utilized as campaign tools (aside from our online newsletter and email services and these are the ActionFax and ActionSMS services.
With ActionFax you are given an interface that allows you to set up a message on your website that you wish to send to a decision maker (e.g. politician, business leader etc). When a member of the public visits your web site they can view this message (and adapt it if they want) and then send it to a fax number that is programmed in by your organization.
The fax is then sent directly to that fax number as a fax from the member of the public. The details of the sender (subject to privacy laws) are recorded in the organizations database on eGive. An organization can set up and run multiple ActionFaxes simultaneously and can amend the text and number of any ActionFax at any time.
ActionSMS works in a similar way allowing you to set up a message on your web site that can be sent via SMS to a pre-programmed phone number. Alternatively you may use the ActionSMS service to send campaign messages or alerts to the mobile phone numbers of anyone in your eGive database.

Client management (CRM database)
Organisations can manage all their clients (details of whom are automatically stored by the CRM whenever a transaction is performed on the system – including information on members, donors, purchasers etc). This feature is provided automatically with any service to which you subscribe.
Each organization has a password protected access to their CRM which lists all transactions and clients. Using this they can mail to clients, email to them or send SMS messages. Organisations may also upload and download data from the CRM. This means, for example, that you may upload a list of clients from your existing database into eGive or vice versa.
You may also use eGive to record all your financial transactions – even recording cheque or cash deposits you make. These can then be downloaded into a spreadsheet for transfer to other programs such as MYOB.

Web sites
If you do not already have your own web site you can set up your own web site within eGive allowing you an online presence. This feature is provided automatically with any service to which you subscribe.
In addition if you wish to set up your own web site on your own domain (which will then link automatically to eGive) we can provide this at a very small extra cost – please contact us for information about this. 
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eGive offers a complete range of donation, membership, campaign, e-commerce, database and communication tools.
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