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Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance
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The Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance is working towards fair, diverse and democratic food systems for the benefit of all Australians and aims:

1. To build the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance as a broad—based and democratic national membership organisation, with an active presence in every state and territory of Australia.

2. To advocate for a participatory and inclusive People's Food Plan for Australia, based on the values and principles of the global movement for Food Sovereignty.

3. To work with our members to raise awareness amongst the broader Australian population about the necessity and urgency of the transition away from the unfair and unsustainable globalized food system, towards diverse local and bio—regional food systems based on the fair and democratic principles represented by the global vision of Food Sovereignty for all, and a transition towards agro—ecological and holistic forms of food production.

4. To participate in the development of, and to seek ways to implement, Food Sensitive Urban Design in Australia's towns and cities so as to provide opportunity, food security and food choice for our growing population and to make our urban centres more resilient.

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