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Starfish continues to be one of only a handful of organisations we know of that specialises in and works comprehensively across all facets of rural, regional and remote sustainability.
We are passionate about the importance of this focus. The overwhelming majority of "food, fibre and fuel" is produced in and by rural regions. The overwhelming majority of nature exists there too. This makes our work of real relevance to metropolitan areas and residents too ~ which is important given that for the first time in human history, the majority of people now live, work and play in metropolitan rather than rural areas.

Since forming in 2008, Starfish’s reach and impact have grown rapidly. Nearly 15,000 people have directly participated in one or more of our sustainability initiatives to date. Starfish now operates in Australia, China, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Kenya, Peru, and Vietnam. Its program of work is delivered in collaboration with over one hundred partner organisations, several dozen highly experienced professionals and hundreds of volunteers.

Starfish Foundation’s particular purpose is to raise and provide funds for the change for rural sustainability ~ be that for work by Starfish Initiatives, Starfish Associates, our many partners and collaborators, or be it work led by other organisations further afield. Our vision is to develop a substantial capital preserved portfolio of assets which can provide a secure, long—term income stream for this important work.

Our name has been inspired by starfish, which are one of the few creatures on earth which are able to regenerate and replicate. Starfish are able to self—heal and regrow lost parts like a broken off limb. Amazingly, an entire new starfish can also grow from that lost limb. In this way starfish symbolise some of the key features of rural sustainability.

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