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Australian Student Environment Network
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The Australian Student Environment Network (ASEN) is the national network of students active on environmental justice issues. We are made up of the state environment networks, which are made of campus environment collectives. There are 37 campuses in Australia, and most have environment collectives.

We are a non—hierarchical grassroots network and are constantly evolving, depending on what students are doing in our collectives and communities. ASEN was created by and continues to be organised by young activists committed to change. Students use our network to organise local campaigns, share information and resources, embark on national campaigns such as climate change and no nuclear, and work alongside Indigenous peoples in their fight for sovereignty and an end to genocide.

In 2006 in response to the Howard Government's Voluntary Student Unionism (VSU) Legislation which has cut student oganisations of 90% of their funding, ASEN incorporated as a not for profit association. Since then we have gone from strength to strength, but need your help in becoming financially sustainable so we can continue.

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