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eGive is a non-profit service owned by Environment Projects Australia (www.epa.org.au). We aim to maximise the use of your donation through minimising our fees and ensuring that your donation is used as you intended:

Free Services: We provide many of our services for free. For example we provide our basic credit card service free or monthly fees. Similarly we provide a sophisticated database, project donation facility, and campaign manager for free.
Monthly fees: Where we do charge monthly fees they are very low. Most small non-profits would normally pay much more than we charge to access recurrent credit card, direct debit and ecommerce services. For example to use our online shop module we charge only $10 per month. Equivalent commercial modules would cost several hundred dollars.
Lower fees: We are progressively reducing our fees as more organisations use our services. We hope in the future if more non-profits use our services or if we can get sponsorship to reduce our fees further.
Transaction fees: We do charge transaction fees (because the bank charges them to us) but again they are as low or lower than the non-profit could normally get in its own right.
Project Donations: Where you donate to a project we ask the non-profit to agree that 95% of that donation go to the project itself, not into administration or other areas. We cannot guarantee this but we believe that our user organisations honour this commitment making sure that your donation is put to best use, in the area you intended.
How do we benefit: What do we get out of it? Very little because our whole aim is to provide a service not to make a profit for our service. At present management of our service is provided on voluntary unpaid basis and has been for several years. Development of our web site has been largely funded by a grant from the Donkey Wheel Foundation. Our costs are covered by the monthly fees and by the interest we generate through holding the funds for the period between when they are received and when they are passed on to the recipient organisation.
Payment of Funds: Funds are held for a maximum of 30 days (unless they are received as part of a special joint project arrangement in which case they may be held for up to 90 days). These joint project arrangements are shown on our web site.
Transparency: All user organisations have online access to a full listing of all transactions made to them, when they were made and who by. They are provided with remittance advice and invoices each month. All individuals making payments via our site also have a password protected interface where they can see a record of all donations made.
eGive offers a complete range of donation, membership, campaign, e-commerce, database and communication tools.
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