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How do I sign up to use eGive?
Just use our online form which you can find here:
How long does it take before I can start to use eGive?
That depends on you – you need to complete all the registration steps which normally takes about an hour or so (depending on your web familiarity) and send us some documents to establish your bona fides. Once we receive those we guarantee that you will be online within 24 hours (and normally it only takes an hour or two).
What happens if I don't want to go through all the registration process?
For a small fee of between $50 and $100 we can do this for you. Please contact us if you need this service at info@eGive.org.au
I'd like to use your services but we already have a database/membership list and I don't want to have to enter all of these again. Is there a solution?
Yes, all your data can be imported and exported from the eGive database (CRM) using our basic import and export tool (see our online manual for more information). This includes importing your members in all their existing member categories and with expiry dates etc.
Is it possible to get reduced prices for your services?
It depends on your organisation's situation. We sometimes negotiate special rates for smaller organisations or startups. Please see our pricing policies click here:
Can you guarantee that our funds will be safe?
eGive has been operating since 2003 as an electronic processing service and we operated manually for two years prior to that date. No funds have ever been lost. Every transaction is recorded and you have full access to online reporting for your  funds which are transferred to you on a monthly basis. You can have  full confidence that your funds are safe.
Can we use your  services without passing our  supporters via eGive?
Yes we provide a API (Application Programming Interface) which allows you to connect directly to our Gateway without going via the eGive web site.Yes we provide a API (Application Programming Interface) which allows you to connect directly to our Gateway without going via the eGive web site.
How long do I have to sign up for if I want to use eGive?
There is no minimum period, as such, but the minimum charging period is a month. So even if you sign up and then decide you don't need to use eGive any longer, you will pay a months fees (assuming you are using services which attract a charge).
How often do our funds get transferred?
We pay monthly. Payments are done in the first week of each month. Unfortunately our volume of transacations are not sufficient to justify doing this more often, however we are keeping this under review. We are able to make special transfers on request if an organisation requires funds at short notice or if we are holding a particularly large amount of money which has been received in one month.
How do fees and payments get made?
All funds are transferred to your nominated bank account by direct credit. Fees are deducted separately, on a monthly basis, by direct debit, from your nominated account. Remittances and Invoices are generated online by eGive and may be viewed at any time after they have been generated. You are notified each time a remittance or invoice is generated for your organisation.
What are EPA and SPO?
EPA is Environment Projects Australia and SPO is Social Projects Online. Both of these web sites allow donors to donate to specific projects (as opposed to an organisation) and have been set up to provide specialist project donation sites. We offer free listing on either of these sites for organisations that want their projects listed but you must register with eGive first. Any project listed on eGive is automatically listed on the EPA and SPO web sites and donations are recorded within eGive.
eGive offers a complete range of donation, membership, campaign, e-commerce, database and communication tools.
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