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There are three main parts to eGive:
A core CRM (contact relationship manager) that stores all data, such as names, addresses, contact history, transaction records. When someone performs a transaction (such as a donation) this is automatically stored in the CRM. You may import and export data from the CRM.
Service modules that perform certain specific functions. For example, a module that allows you to offer a specific service, such as a membership service and which allows people to join as a member of an organisation. Examples of these include the donation module, payments module, e-Commerce module, etc.
Transaction facilities, that allow you to receive payments for the services. So, for example each service allows you to take payments in a variety of different ways such as credit card payments and direct debits (from bank accounts).

Basic monthly fee: Use of any of our services incurs a free of $5 monthly plus transaction fees. These services include all donation, payment and membership services.

Additional charges: Some modules attract additional monthly fees (see below)

Registration and transaction fees.  

There is no registration fee to use any services.
All transactions incur a fee as shown at the end of this document.
Monthly Fees:
Standard service fee Cost per month
Standard fee (payable by all users) $5.00
Additional Fees (only payable for modules shown below)
Direct Debit $5.00
e-Commerce (shopping cart) $10.00
API $5.00
Conference Manager $5.00
Action SMS $5.00
Action Fax $5.00
Note: If you are only using our conference facilities on a once-off basis and not on an ongoing basis we charge a one-off fee $100 for conferencing facilities.
Our Transaction fees (per transaction) are:

Credit card transaction fees: 4.0% for each credit card transaction (regardless if this is a donation, purchase. membership etc). i.e. A $100 donation will cost you $4.00 c in fees

Direct Debit transaction fees (for payments in and our of bank accounts) :Twenty-five cents (25c) for each direct debit transaction (note direct debits can only be used for monthly recurrent transactions) regardless of the size of the payment. A $1 and a $1000 transaction will both cost you 25 cents.

eGive offers a complete range of donation, membership, campaign, e-commerce, database and communication tools.
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